by The Lantern Slides

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The Lantern Slides debut EP, "Stringfellow" was recorded, mixed, and mastered between April 6, 2013 and October 7, 2014.


released October 7, 2014

Ethan Jett: Vocals, Guitar
Thom Stevenson: Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys
Dave Ruckman: Bass Guitar
Joe Frye: Percussion

Music and Lyrics: Ethan Jett
Mixed and Mastered by Ethan Jett, Thom Stevenson, Chris Goodin

Album Art: Gabriel Akinrinmade



all rights reserved


The Lantern Slides Fairfax, Virginia

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Track Name: Wrists, Watch, Wide
Our wrists, watch, wide
Spring the coils inside
Like we are flying
Stopping time

Our hands, trace, lines
Push the layers aside
Pull back the night
Holding time
Track Name: A Dark Gown You Wear
A dark gown you wear
As you grow your hair
And it falls around
In folds, surrounds

A grove, a lake
Underneath a cave
And you swim on down
Night in, night out
Track Name: Waterlemon
Wade in the sea
And I will follow closely
We lift off our feet
Until our thoughts are floating

The way that I see
Moving colors around me
Though I can't breathe
It's getting harder to leave
Track Name: Balance on the Wire
Steadying the cards
Watch the castle grow
Around, around my hands
I let the tower fold, fold

Balance on the wire
See for miles below
Around, around my feet
You know I feel it go, go

Suspended there just as I dreamed
With floating rocks floating around me
Horizons fold, they collide
No tether twine, the lantern slides
Track Name: The Ravine
Your Cheshire smile, it brightened the room
A frosty sigh, fill up your balloon
Sail away, on to brighter days
Love and grace, shine upon your face
Track Name: Tree Hollow
I find
Life sweeter on the inside
Trimmed and trenched
Into place
Carve you a heart
Nestled in the sap and tar
Stretch your limbs
And breathe again

Leaning, swaying
See the breeze
Feel the shaking
In my leaves
Up high
In my bed
I hide
In my bed

Oh I breathe out
Oh I breathe out
Leave the ground
Above the clouds

Grandfather lost his hands
Sifting debris
Feel the gears inside
Spinning free
Hear the in-betweens
Gaps durations
Cuckoos beady eye
Wants to see

I need a change
I stop and swing

Pace the stride
Shadows on the wall
Steady floating ring
Stop and stall
Cusp of dawn
Moon is making faces
Sand drips down the slide
To leaky basins

And I need a change
I stop and swing