by The Lantern Slides

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released April 10, 2015



all rights reserved


The Lantern Slides Fairfax, Virginia

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Track Name: Carousel
My frontier
The faintest whisper
As I see you shouting
In my ear

Then I'm back on my feet
Right where you want
Though I'm not well
I am slowly crawling
Back to the start

My camera lens
My yesterdays
I roll my film out
In the sunshine
Wash it away

I'm racing around
Around in circles
Stirring paint
Track Name: Pear to Bear
Winding water through wheat and clay
A lonely pear to bear all the weight
Moon beams and autumn leaves that sway
Cool shades in vineyard breeze
The vineyard keeps the calm in me
Track Name: Big Sur
A summer spent watching out of my head
Three silver nails in a blue field
I comb my hair to keep a calm
The lattice is only the manner of forming
Getting on to breathing, nice and easy
We all try hard to care
On that holy coast we'll ride above the sea

Breathe out on me, Shoals from the sand
Breathe out on me, Whole in the wind

I found it there as the miles rolled
It was waiting for me ahead
A plot of earth down a redwood road
Where I'll learn how to wear my head
It's waiting there and it's all I'll own
Just a corner to rest again
A plot of earth and a shady grove
And I'll know how to wear my head
Track Name: The Creek Belongs to the Door
You woke up early morning
From an all too vivid dream
In it I'd done some terrible thing to you
But I wasn't there
I'm here I'm me
Fastened through and through
Let's find this charlatan
This ghost in the night

Open up the window in the walls
Open up the door that creaks
I'll wrap my arm
Around your delicate waist
I'll twirl you round in circles
All around this empty house
We'll dance until
We both forget how to breathe

Oh, is it far away
Dream in colors
One frame by frame
Oh plastics on the page
Draw the ink out
Into our veins

The softer words were spoken
Opened up the gleaming
Spilled out over the sink
Like a flood on a lake
Our souls were spinning faster
Spirit roll at break neck speeds
Let's give it more
Let's give it all it will take

Oh dreamer
Go, roll and roll and roll

Rolling going underneath
That cloudy pillow dusk
The covers hold a different kind of light
Shallow wading water
Deeper still into the night
Floating down
The creek belongs to the door